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Security Health Check - Are you Security Minded?

Are you Security Minded?

The latest craze with burglars entering houses with UPVC doors and patio doors, is by simply "SNAPPING" the locks.

Locks that are fitted to probably 95% of all houses with UPVC doors, are the type of lock that can be “snapped”, which makes them an easy target for thieves.

The "FIX"

Fit "updated locks" which replace your existing locks with no alteration to your UPVC doors. These are now readily available and relatively inexpensive.

The “updated locks” which are ‘anti-snap’, also deter other methods of opening, and are ‘anti-pick’, ‘anti-bump’ and ‘anti-drill’, with a 10 year guarantee.

You have the following options:

High Quality - 6 Pin Cylinders which are ‘anti-snap’, ‘anti-bump’, ‘anti-pick’, ‘anti-drill’ to be fitted to Front and Rear UPVC doors, patio-doors and garage (presuming UPVC, 5 locks in total).

High 3* Security - ‘Kite Marked’ British Standard EN 1303 approved ‘anti-snap’, ‘anti-bump’, ‘anti-pick’, ‘anti-drill’ and ‘anti-pull’, (fitted as above, 5 locks in total).

There is also a “keyed-alike” option on both deals for the same key on all locks.

I can visit to measure, and return to fit a few days later at your convenience.

”Your Security is the KEY to our Success”


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